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Do you have an indoor air problem, mold spoils your health, act fast, problems can be fixed.

According to the National Public Health Institute, as many as half a million citizens have been exposed to mold and other microbes at their workplace or at home. The moisture of buildings and the resulting home problems are slowly evolving and difficult to find.

Although under normal conditions there is a certain number of bacteria in each state, it is good to find out from time to time if the amount of mold is harmful to the health and requires action.





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Insufficient ventilation, moisture damage and, for example, bugs in microbial growths can cause permanent health hazards. From a health point of view, molds cause irritation in the eyes and mucous membranes, fatigue, headaches and infections such as ear infections and sinusitis. At worst, the result may be lung cancer or moldpneumoconiosis.

The result of the test will survive after 4-8 days, if the number of mildew deposits exceeds the recommended values, it is appropriate to carry out further examinations.



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